The big sky

aerial blue lagoonRangiroa is an atoll in the archipelago of the Eastern Tuamotu. The atoll is located 350 km northeast of Tahiti. This is the second largest atoll in the world, Tahiti fit on the inside. Every day Air Tahiti serves the atoll several times. The airport is located on the main island, 2,000 people live there. The atoll is the most famous of the Tuamotu, especially for diving, where many large pelagic are visible in both passes Avatoru and Tiputa. Pearl farms have also their business. A boutique cruise ship the Haumana is sailing in the lagoon of the atoll. With this cruise you can discover the essence of the atoll. Fly fishing and bonefishing is also available on this cruise.

Points of interest

aerial pink sandThe blue lagoon is a lagoon inside the lagoon of Rangiroa, it is on the West side of the atoll.

Pink Sands are located in the Far East; these are large expanses of pink sand to see absolutely.

The vineyard, yes the atoll host a vineyard and produces Paumotu wine.

The reef island is a pretty special attraction; the coral reef is formed like a lunar landscape, the sea flowing through the holes forming a large quantity of streams and reef pools.


rangiroa map